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Movies with Gil Bellows

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IMDB Rating: 5.7

House at the End of the Street 2012, USA, Canada    ThrillerHor

Actors: Gil Bellows, Max Thieriot, Elisabeth Shue, Jonathan Higgins, Jennifer Lawrence

Directors: Mark Tonderai

Genres: Thriller, Horror

Newly divorced Sarah and her daughter Elissa find the house of their dreams in a small, upscale, rural town. But when startling and unexplainable events begin to happen, Sarah and Elissa learn the town is in the shadows of a chilling secret.

IMDB Rating: 6.8

The Weather Man 2005, Germany, USA    ComedyDr

Actors: Nicolas Cage, Gil Bellows, Michael Caine, Michael Rispoli, Hope Davis

Directors: Gore Verbinski

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Clever and insightful movie on the subject of growing-up in upper middle class America. Dave Spritz, a weatherman without meteorological qualifications in Chicago, is confronted with his own rage that life hasn't proceeded as he had planned. A talented man who finds it difficult to see his own talen

IMDB Rating: 5.3

Miami Rhapsody 1995, USA    Com

Actors: Jeremy Piven, Gil Bellows, Sarah Jessica Parker, Carla Gugino, Antonio Banderas

Directors: David Frankel

Genres: Comedy

Gwyn Marcus has always wanted a marriage like her parents. She has just accepted the proposal of her boyfriend Matt, but she has misgivings about their future together. Her fear of commitment grows as she learns of the various affairs that her family is having. With her sister getting married and he

IMDB Rating: 6.1

Girl Walks Into a Bar 2011, USA    ComedyFantasyDr

Actors: Gil Bellows, Xander Berkeley, Rosario Dawson, Robert Forster, Danny DeVito

Directors: Sebastian Gutierrez

Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Drama

A dentist teams up with a feisty would-be assassin to put the final touches on the plan to kill his wife. Once he makes a play for the assassin's payment, he unknowingly sets off a chain of events that fuels a cross-town journey through the many lounges, bars, strip clubs and the occasional nudist p

IMDB Rating: 4

Black Crescent Moon 2008, USA    ComedyThril

Actors: Gil Bellows, William Atherton, Brent Briscoe, Tia Texada, Mike Starr

Directors: Adam Pertofsky

Genres: Comedy, Thriller


IMDB Rating: 4.3

Goblin 2010, Canada    FantasyHorrorSci

Actors: Gil Bellows, Kathleen Duborg, Colin Cunningham, Tracy Spiridakos, Andrew Wheeler

Directors: Jeffery Scott Lando

Genres: Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi

Every Halloween, a small hamlet in the deep woods is visited by a fierce goblin, intent on capturing infants and brutally murdering anyone in it's path.

IMDB Rating: 5.9

The Substance of Fire 1996, USA    Dr

Actors: Ronny Graham, Tony Goldwyn, Gil Bellows, Lee Grant, Ron Rifkin

Directors: Daniel J. Sullivan

Genres: Drama

Isaac Geldhart is a Holocaust survivor who, overcome by grief at the recent death of his wife, seems determined to run his publishing firm into the ground by printing books that have no hope of financial success. His son Aaron, who also works at the company, grows frustrated with Isaac's emotional d

IMDB Rating: 5

Hunt to Kill 2010, Canada    Act

Actors: Gil Bellows, Michael Eklund, Eric Roberts, Adrian Holmes, Gary Daniels

Directors: Keoni Waxman

Genres: Action

This was a brilliant effort by all involved. The story is pretty basic- robbers need local patrol man to help them find there loot - but whathelps hunt to kill is the performances. The performances by Austin,bellows ET AL are good and the direction by Keoni Waxman is brilliant(helped by the superior

IMDB Rating: 9.2

The Shawshank Redemption 1994, USA    CrimeDr

Actors: Morgan Freeman, Bob Gunton, Gil Bellows, Larry Brandenburg, James Whitmore

Directors: Frank Darabont

Genres: Crime, Drama

Andy Dufresne is a young and successful banker whose life changes drastically when he is convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of his wife and her lover. Set in the 1940's, the film shows how Andy, with the help of his friend Red, the prison entrepreneur, turns out to be a most

IMDB Rating: 6.9

The Agency 2001, USA, Canada    ThrillerDr

Actors: Gil Bellows, Daniel Benzali, Paige Turco, Ronny Cox, Will Patton

Directors: Unknown

Genres: Thriller, Drama

A look at the inner workings of the CIA.

IMDB Rating: 5.3

Pursued 2004, USA, Canada    ThrillerDr

Actors: Gil Bellows, Christian Slater, Michael Clarke Duncan, Saul Rubinek, Kirsten Robek

Directors: Kristoffer Tabori

Genres: Thriller, Drama

When it comes to corporate headhunters, Vincent Palmer (Christian Slater, "True Romance") is the high-tech industry's go-to guy. For a million-dollar retainer, he always gets his man, whether the prospect wants to change jobs or not. Vincent never takes no for an answer and will do whatever it takes

IMDB Rating: 7.1

Unthinkable 2010, USA    ThrillerDr

Actors: Samuel L. Jackson, Gil Bellows, Holmes Osborne, Brandon Routh, Kirk B.R. Woller

Directors: Gregor Jordan

Genres: Thriller, Drama

A psychological thriller centered around a black-ops interrogator and an FBI agent who press a suspect terrorist into divulging the location of three nuclear weapons sets to detonate in the U.S.

IMDB Rating: 5.8

Love and a .45 1994, USA    ComedyCrimeThril

Actors: Gil Bellows, Michael Bowen, Peter Fonda, Jeffrey Combs, Rory Cochrane

Directors: C.M. Talkington

Genres: Comedy, Crime, Thriller

Watty has made a living out of robbing convenience stores, but after one of these job turned into murder by his partner, the psychopath Billy Mack, he is on the run with his fiancé Starlene and with both Billy Mack, the police and some loansharks on his trail. Their plan is to go to Mexico but befor

IMDB Rating: 5.6

Beautiful Joe 2000, USA, UK    ComedyRomanceDr

Actors: Gil Bellows, Billy Connolly, Sharon Stone, Frank C. Turner, Ian Holm

Directors: Stephen Metcalfe

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama

A single mother with a taste for gambling and fast living gets in trouble with the mob and turns to a very nice man for help though the two make an odd couple. Special features: subtitles in english and spanish: scene selections: bonus trailers: interactive menus: widescreen presentation and much mo

IMDB Rating: 7.2

24: Redemption 2008, USA    ActionCrimeThril

Actors: Bob Gunton, Gil Bellows, Robert Carlyle, Colm Feore, Kiefer Sutherland

Directors: Jon Cassar

Genres: Action, Crime, Thriller, Adventure, Drama

Set 18 months where Season 6 of '24' left off, former government agent Jack Bauer is in a self-imposed exile in the fictitious African country of Sangala where he hopes to escape from a U.S. investigation of him for his past methods, and to run from his past. Bauer works at a mission school for orph

IMDB Rating: 6.7

Passchendaele 2008, Canada    RomanceDramaHist

Actors: Gil Bellows, Adam Harrington, Joe Dinicol, Jesse Frechette, Michael Greyeyes

Directors: Paul Gross

Genres: Romance, Drama, History, War

Sergeant Michael Dunne fights in the 10th Battalion, AKA The "Fighting Tenth" with the 1st Canadian Division and participated in all major Canadian battles of the war, and set the record for highest number of individual bravery awards for a single battle.

IMDB Rating: 5.6

Second String 2002, USA    ComedyDramaSp

Actors: Richard T. Jones, Gil Bellows, Jon Voight, Teri Polo, Mike Ditka

Directors: Robert Lieberman

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Sport

American football coach Chuck Dichter has worked wonders with the Buffalo Bills, and is even confident to crown his career with a Super Bowl victory, but before the play-offs an oyster food-poisoning wipes out his first team for a month. Dan Heller, an insurance salesman and former college quarterba

IMDB Rating: 5.6

Blind Horizon 2003, USA    ThrillerDr

Actors: Gil Bellows, Neve Campbell, Val Kilmer, Sam Shepard, Giancarlo Esposito

Directors: Michael Haussman

Genres: Thriller, Drama

Frank loses his memory after being shot in small desert town in Texas. As he tries to retrace his steps and figure out his true identity, Frank believes he may be part of a plot to assassinate the president.

IMDB Rating: 6.1

Snow White: A Tale of Terror 1997, USA    FantasyHor

Actors: Sigourney Weaver, Sam Neill, Monica Keena, Gil Bellows, Brian Glover

Directors: Michael Cohn

Genres: Fantasy, Horror

Based somewhat more authentically on the Grimm Brothers' story of a young woman who is unliked by her stepmother, the film includes the talking mirror, a poisoned apple, and some ruffian gold (not diamond) miners (and they aren't dwarfs or cute). It takes place at the time of the Crusades, and depic

Movies found: 19, viewing from 1 to 19

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