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Movies with Anna Wood

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IMDB Rating: 7.5

Chronicle 2012, USA, UK    ActionThrillerDr

Actors: Michael Kelly, Adrian Collins, Michael B. Jordan, Dane DeHaan, Anna Wood

Directors: Josh Trank

Genres: Action, Thriller, Drama, Sci-Fi

Three high school friends gain superpowers after making an incredible discovery. Soon, though, they find their lives spinning out of control and their bond tested as they embrace their darker sides.

IMDB Rating: 6.3

Nice Guy Johnny 2010, USA    Com

Actors: Jay Patterson, Edward Burns, Callie Thorne, Marsha Dietlein, Max Baker

Directors: Edward Burns

Genres: Comedy

Johnny Rizzo, is about to trade his dream job in talk radio for some snooze-ville gig that'll pay enough to please his fiancée. Enter Uncle Terry, a rascally womanizer set on turning a weekend in the Hamptons into an eye-opening fling for his nephew. Nice guy Johnny's not interested, of course, but

Movies found: 2, viewing from 1 to 2

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